On hiatus, indefinitely.

Let’s smoke some baddies!

I’m going to try my hand at a Supernatural game, Pittsburgh based, so here’s hoping.

I’d like to have everyone start thinking of characters in newb levels for Supernatural (Cortex) system with a good reason to be sticking around the city for a little bit. I’ll be updating the wiki with background setup as people submit character ideas (just e-mail me) and we’ll get started.


More to come, but check it out and e-mail me with any character concepts or questions.
Wiki wiki!.

Plot Points

There will be plot points awarded in the future for updates, awarded each Friday (regardless of whether we game or not). I’ll keep track of “Total Earned” on the Plot Point Tally page, you all just have to keep track of “Spent”.
Along those lines: We don’t have forums on here BUT we do have the adventure log. If we have long lag between games, if you update with what your character does in between adventures, you’ll still be awarded plot points.

Steel Curtain

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