Steel Curtain

Episode 1 - Kill Me Twice
Death, they say, is only the beginning.


I was walking her Chihuahuas Dixie, Hotep, and Mel when I saw legs falling through the sky onto a girl. The dogs all cried and freaked out. The girl, Keley, seemed fine, albeit a little overwhelmed and panicked. I took the dogs home to comfort them, but they stayed upset for several days afterwards.

Ever curious, I did a little research online and found an article on death of Charlie Wilson. See Episode 1 News Clippings. While researching, she looked up information on ghosts – as it turns out, dogs are very sensitive to ghosts.

Chuck made a Facebook post about seeing someone jump off the Cathedral of Learning at 12:01 am. The suicide happened on January 1st, 1997 around midnight, so I decided to check that out. I texted Chuck about it and met with him, his photographer friend Michael, and the girl who the ghost went through. Michael was out taking pictures on New Year’s Eve and saw something fall in the snow. He took pictures, but found nothing in the snow except the outline of a body. Chuck saw it happening as well and drunkenly walked over to see if he can help the person who fell, but no one was there. They both left the scene in confused states, Chuck to drink more, and Michael to find more pictures to take and develop his film. The pictures once developed showed a face in one shot, and the lower half of a body fading into nothingness. Michael did a fair bit of research on his own and found another second article about Charlie’s wife and her TA dying.

He showed the pictures. We recognized the legs as what I and Keley saw. The picture Michael has on his camera (taken on January 1st, 2011) is the same face as Charlie Wilson.
More research ensued while we sat at Starbucks.

One article mentioned a suicide note in which Charlie couldn’t stand that his wife Lois was with Jeff, his best friend and the assistant coach at Pitt.
We planned to meet at fifteen minutes before midnight to see if we could see it again. A light in a first floor classroom was on… someone was walking around the room. It’s a man, but his back was to us. He left the room… but walked through the door, huh?

Chuck ran after, following the ghost. He stood in front of the ghost yelling at it, and after blinking out, it became solid and ran into Chuck. He was very chilled, but remained calm. He tried to get to the top floor to see Charlie jump, but couldn’t make it to the roof. He did, however, confirm that the ghost was headed to the roof.

The rest of us stayed by the fountain. At midnight, Charlie screamed and fell to the ground. At 12:03, it happened again. Wait, what? I started to freak out. I sat down on the edge of the fountain and put my head between my knees, hyperventilating. Keley gave me an iron shoe horn to protect me.


Keley’s research said Charlie is most likely a death echo, but why does it happen twice?

We decide to corner the only living person who might know more about the situation. Go to West’s Wares (Jeff’s store) to find out more information. The men corner Jeff and ask him about siding… (men are so weird). Michael gets kicked out for asking too many questions though Jeff lets it slip that the rock salt that is for “ghosts.” Chuck gets him talking more since he’s a “guys guy.”

Jeff spills that he slept with his best friend’s wife. When Charlie lost his job, Lois went to Jeff and they had an affair. Charlie seemed really mad at Lois but not Jeff. The TA was covering for them so he was mad at her too. Charlie poisoned the Lois and the TA. Jeff and Lois normally ate lunch together. Jeff was late that day so she shared her lunch with the TA. They both died.
Jeff cornered Charlie afterwards. Charlie kept walking up the stairs and up the stairs. Jeff followed. Charlie said, “They keep blaming me.”

Jeff asked, “Did you do it, though?”

“Yes. I did it twice,” Charlie said, and then he jumped off the roof of the Cathedral.

Keley’s research shows it is a death echo; something needs to trigger them to happen. Could bringing Jeff back to the ghost sight help free Charlie from his death echo?

Jeff admits that he goes back on the anniversary every year. He always asks Charlie, “How did you do it twice?”

Charlie’s response is the same, “I let her go twice.”

Once Charlie starts jumping, he keeps jumping until Jeff’s birthday on January third, then comes back on December 23rd the next year when Jeff comes into the building for the anniversary.
Charlie jumps twice: Once for letting his wife go to Jeff and once for actually killing her. He was really depressed, obviously, afterwards. His depression led to suicide when he realized he also killed the TA on accident instead of Jeff.

We convince Jeff to come to the Cathedral to try to help Charlie “let go.” We try to stop him in the classroom, but once Charlie sees Jeff there, he solidifies, runs at Jeff and disappears. We hear his steps heading toward the stairs. Jeff throws up. We all follow. Up at the roof, Jeff confronts Charlie. Jeff tells him he’s sorry and stuff and then throws him off the roof? Jeff leaves and drops a journal as he goes. We all follow him out.

We pick up the journal and go to Sheetz. It’s Charlie’s journal, and has his suicide note. The end of the suicide note says “I kind of wish Jeff would have just killed me.”

Ohhh… that’s why he threw him off the roof.

The Book
Tattered pages and run-on sentences - these are the stories left behind.

This page is where you will record your adventures, and burst the binding on the lore that has been hidden. Every word written here will be carried on to those that follow after you, so word it well, and remember, anyone can read what you write. Sometimes, secrets are best kept – other times, peeling off the scabs of long-held truths can bring some relief to those wandering and looking for answers.

Good luck – you’re going to need it.


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