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Character Creation:

There are only a few rules for this, so here’s the highlights.

- It should go without saying, but to be clear: You must have a first and last name and at least a basic character history. Personality and background first, skills and knowledge second.

- You must not know about the supernatural world. You may believe in it, you may have an interest in it, but you must not have had any definitive, proof positive experiences confirming your knowledge.

- You must be at the newbie level. This means that you will start with the lowest points, but that we’ll have the longest time to play the storyline. I’ll try to post some basic character generation rules (with John’s help, obvs.).

- You must know at least one other person in the party in a positive or neutral nature, and you cannot only know each other. I don’t care how loose the affiliation – you could just live in the same apartment building, ride on the same bus to work. Basically, you should at least be on a close-to-acquaintance basis – at least one verbal encounter (this could be an online thing, too).

- I will have to clear any feats related to supernatural abilities. This is for balance, and there will be opportunities for this kind of thing in the future.

- Any weapon skills and knowledge skills must be explained in a character background.

- Please review and respond to the Character Questions.

What You Need to Know:

Location: Pittsburgh PA and surrounding metro. When choosing a location, try to aim for within a reasonable drive.

Date: The official in-game start date will be 0:00 (12:00AM) January 1, 2011. Think about where your character would be.

You can find the Supernatural wiki HERE: . You will have a little time before game start to research the show. (This is for those of you who haven’t already seen it, primarily.)

We’re going to have an honor system in regards to what you know outside of game and what you know inside of game. Please try to keep from using out of game knowledge – or better knowledge of the system – to get a leg up.

There will be a couple posts before the game starts with news clippings, lore, etc. I will tag people in the posts after character builds so each person is aware of what information they would have been exposed to.
During the game, I will post background stories for baddies, and information on creatures. If you research, I’ll release parts of the information based on what you learn.

*Here’s the big part: Just like in the show, this page will be YOUR book. Update it regularly, and you’ll see the benefits of maintaining the knowledge base. When you research in game, you will research in real life. *

Main Page

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